The cycle of the circle of life

I know this will come as no surprise to most of you but I've been realizing lately how there truly is a circle of life or a true life cycle or whatever the saying is... my point is that there are a scary amount of similarities between my 95 yo Nana and my 4 yo daughter.  Just something I've noticed and thought I'd jot them down.  Note: I am in no way making fun of my wonderfully sweet, compassionate, loving Nana.  She'd be the first to laugh at all I'm writing below and am being very selective as to what I'm choosing to list.  Things that she'd find hurtful, I'm not including... you can fill them in in your own mind...

 - Underwear selection.  Hannah is neurotic about getting a wedgie.  She has made it very clear that her preference is "the bigger the better".  She has serious grandma undies that literally cover her belly button and most of her thigh too.  I have to laugh when she pulls then on and gently caresses her underwear covered belly.  Not the best look with her gymnastics leotards but certainly comfy.  And Nana's look JUST like hers... minus the princess print of course.

 - Manners.  Hannah is just learning hers and Nana has decided she's put enough time in having good manners that she just prefers getting to the point.  "Mommy, I want..." is the common phrase heard throughout the day in my house.  I was surprised to hear that Nana utters the same in her "residence" at the dining room table but she actually just starts shouting into the air to no one in particular until she gets what she wants.  

 - Caddy/Pettiness.  Hannah is at the age where it's all about who is going to whose birthday party and who is whose best friend.  At Nana's home, they actually "save seats" in the dining room, make fun of "the messy/drooly eater", compare who went to a better college, etc.  Does it really matter when you're 95 and living in an assisted living home where you went to college?  They should just be proud they WENT to college in that day and age, right?  Nana also often calls to get a good Hannah-ism to tell at the dinner table.  There seems to be a bit of competition at dinner time for who has the best grand-child story.  No pressure or anything.

 - Eating attire.  This one is more for Luke.  Luke wears a bib.  Nana wears a bib.  Enough said. 

 - Sharing.  Hannah has a hard time sharing her toys.  Nana has a hard time sharing her chocolate.  She hoards it.  And hides it.

- Conversation topics.  When I ask Hannah about her day at school she tells me about what she and everyone else at the table ate for lunch.  Nana - same.

The biggest difference... Hannah talks and talks like she knows what she's talking about and she doesn't.  Nana absolutely knows what she's talking about and I wouldn't mess with it!



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