Feel the wind

I was driving today behind a car with a Wheaton Terrior hanging its head out the window, hair blowing back in the wind making it's otherwise very fluffy, round face very pointy.  It was licking at the wind as if it wanted to drink it in.  Nothing makes a dog happier.  I know for a fact (yes, my dog has told me) that there is nothing Bella likes more than going for a ride in the car with her head out the window.  I pulled up along side this car with the Wheaton at the next red light and the dog's head was inches from my window.  I swear if it could have given me a thumb's up, it would have.  It got me thinking what things in my world make me as happy as the "head out the window happiness" that a dog gets.  When do I experience extreme bliss like that?   There are many times that I feel happy but sadly, it's not one thing that can consistently bring me such joy.  Bella knows that EVERY time she gets into the car, she is going to experience that unbelievable happiness.  I realized that I need to find more simple things in my days that bring me more smiles.  Here's my list.

 - Good music can always bring a smile to my face so I need to turn on the music in my house more often.  And if there's a kid available... make it a dance party.
-  I love summer so I need to sit outside with my computer (or without it) so I can hear the crickets, hear the birds and feel the warm breeze while Luke is napping.  Or in this summer's case, just feel the rain (there's Debbie Downer again).
 - I love chocolate so I need to forget the fat and calories every once in a while and have a Lindt ball.  I don't think I've ever eaten one of those balls without saying "mmmmmm..." out loud.
 - I love to laugh until my stomach hurts so I need to get myself to a comedy club every once in a while.  Or spend more time during the week with Tim who THINKS he's a stand up comic.
 -  I love to see my kids laugh hysterically together so I need to not worry so much that Hannah will hurt Luke and let them just "be".  
 - I love the ocean so as big a pain in the ass it is to pack everyone up to spend a short time there, the effort needs to be made.  I need to not be so concerned that the ice cream truck will come and ruin Hannah's dinner or that Luke will eat the sand, or that a storm will roll in, etc.  In the end, if one happy memory is made, it's all worth it. 
- I love a good book so as tired as I might be at night, I need to turn off the TV, move away from my computer and read... even if it's 10 pages before my eyes shut.

True happiness is not overrated.  There is nothing better, and I think as a mom, I worry so much about my kid's happiness that I forget about my own.  It's much easier to come up with things that make me UNHAPPY and I don't want to live my life steering clear of those things.  I want to do the opposite, to be like Bella every once in a while who can revel in something so small as the wind blowing the hair out of her eyes at 50 mph.  We all need to "drink in the wind" sometimes...


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