Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo

Are you up on your princess jargon? No? Don't have a 3+ daughter do ya?

Bibbidy Bobbidy BOO!

It's what the fairy godmother says in Cinderella to turn the pumpkin into a coach, the mice into horses, Cinderella into, well, dressed up Cinderella. It's Hannah's most favorite princess story, who she always wants to "play" when playing dress up and I guess who she aspires to be (minus the evil stepsisters, mice as best friends and constant chores she needs to complete). At some point in every day Hannah requires me to say this magic line in order for her to complete anything I've asked her to do. "If you wish that I would pick up my toys, say the magic line mommy!".

We're big on talking about dreams and wishes in our house. We often put hannah to bed talking about these wishes. Most nights Hannah's wish has something to do with going to or living on a beach (she dreams big!). This girl is not meant to live in the northeast. Socks, sweaters, jackets, and long sleeves are things that she'd be happy to never see again. Most nights I keep my wish simple, make it about her so she'll go to sleep with a happy thought in her head. But tonight... tonight for YOU... I'm going to give you my LIST of real wishes.

So if you have a magic wand - wave away.

1. I wish that just one night my dog wouldn't attack me when I get into MY bed and lay on MY pillow.

2. I wish I had feet that I liked to show in sandals, made getting a pedicure worth the money, and didn't want to hide in sneakers throughout the summer.

3. I wish I could draw. It's embarrassing how bad I am. Hannah never has any idea what it is I've tried to create.

4. I wish the Bachelorette could be on every night throughout the year (did I just admit that? Ahem.)

5. I wish my pillow would stay cold all night.

6. I wish someone would invent a carwash for people, where I would just sit in a chair and get moved through a shower tunnel that hoses me down, sudses me up, rinses me off, sucks the Wet off of me and moves me on my way. If any Idea People read this blog... get to work on that, K?

7. I wish I could eat french fries with or FOR every meal.

8. I wish I had been the one to think of and invent jibbitz

9. I wish I had been able to bottle the romantic dinner I had with Hannah tonight at her request. Candlelight, with roses, wine glasses (hers with lemonade) and both of us eating off Angelina Ballerina plates.

10. I wish I had the guts to wear "statement" hats (as much as Tim detests them... I think they show a hip confidence).

11. I wish I had started Luke at the gym daycare earlier so that he wouldn't scream the entire time I'm there. In other words, I wish he was happy so I'd actually go...

12. At 15 months old, I really wish Luke would say Mama.

13. I wish I had never used the phrase, "I'm tired of this nonsense" with Hannah since I now hear it parroted back to me on a daily basis.

14. I wish I could do college over again. I know -huge statement there, but so many things I would have done differently.

15. I wish I had longer legs so I didn't have to add $20 to every pair of jeans I buy to get them shortened.

16. I wish I didn't love jeans so much, or that I was satisfied with Gap jeans, or that I didn't feel the need to have so many different pairs of jeans.

17. I wish FTW meant something other than For the Win. I just learned this and was unbelievably disappointed.

18. I wish I couldn't see the disappointment in my mom's eyes so easily when she sees what a terrible job I do keeping my flowers alive.

19. I wish chocolate chip cookies had negative calories (like celery and grapefruit?)

20. I wish Hannah hadn't heard that song by Kelly Clarkson today, "My Life Would Suck Without You". It's not so cute hearing her sing it...

21. I wish Hannah didn't have her food allergies to eggs and nuts. Yeah, yeah, it's scary and sad for her but (and sorry to be selfish here) there's really nothing better than two eggs over easy with toast some mornings and I just can't do it when she's anywhere in the vicinity.

22. I wish Luke had ANY resemblance to me or Tim. So many days we just think "the petrie dishes got mixed up" (sorry, IVF humor).

23. I wish I could still do 3 backflips in a row. I tried a back bend from standing up recently and had trouble walking for a few days after (let alone the fact that I smashed my head on the ground).

24. I wish Tim liked bike riding. "It hurts my boys" just isn't a good enough excuse for me.

25. I wish laying in the sun wasn't so bad for me. Because honestly, it feels so damn good (and I might add, I look so much better with a tan.).

Ok... I'm done. So all together now, Bibbidy, Bobbidy BOO!

Note: I got the idea for this Wish List from a blog I recently found and love, (see her "I wish" post at


Maria @BOREDmommy said...

Glad I inspired your post!! Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Anonymous said...

i wish randis husband was not a liar

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