I WILL make this a vacation

I know that my little human alarm clock conveniently named Hannah will still buzz in my ear at 6:00am. I know I will still have no idea what my almost 1.5 year old jibberish speaking son is trying to say. I know I will still have to deal with Luke sitting his tush square in the middle of Hannah's puzzle as she's trying to complete it. I know I will still be cooking grilled cheese, mac and cheese and chicken fingers fir 4 out of five meals. BUT, I will make this a vacation!

We're away for ten days in a rented house on the water in Mystic, Ct. I look out the huge windows of the family room and all I see is water and boats. (Well, actually today all I see is torrential rain from Hurricane Danny but I'm trying to ignore that fact.) It's a beautiful, tranqil, serene spot. One that I've looked forward to returning to since leaving this same spot last year. So, I will make it a vacation. For all you nay- sayers, I refuse to let it be a situation where I just bring my hectic, exhausting life from one part of Ct to another. So here is how I plan on making it different:

- I will paint my toe nails a completely different, so-not-me color. Haven't decided what yet but it will be something that when I look at my feet I'll have to do a double take to be sure they are actually connected to MY ankles.

- I will paint Hannah's finger nails. I am one of those moms who does not let her 4 yo daughter normally have painted finger nails. It makes little girls look so grown up and it just doesn't appeal to me. She's one of the few in her preschool without multi-colored nails and I'm ok with that but she really wants them done. So here, on vacation, it will be ok.

- I will take naps. Even if it means in the middle of the room, with both kids on top of me. I will make it happen. Returning home, still exhausted, cannot happen.

- I will let Hannah stay up past her bedtime. So we can look at the stars and make s'mores by the fire. I wish I could say that would mean she'd sleep later. Most likely she'll get up earlier. But that's ok. It's vacation.

- I will drink beer (or "beard" as Hannah calls it). Something about living in a house on the water in a fishing town makes me feel I should drink beer. I'll drink wine too but beer will be in the mix.

- I will go to the bathroom and shower without anyone else in the room. Even on weekends at home this never seems to happen. But I'm on vacation so it will.

- I will sleep diagnally. The dog is not with us. I will make full use of bed space. And if I push Tim off the bed, onto the floor... So be it. I'm on vacation.

- I will not write my blog every day. I will read and maybe even talk to Tim. So if you're wondering where I am... I'm either splashing in some puddles from this crazy hurricane, kayaking if the rain ever stops, putting a unicorn puzzle together, teaching Hannah the world of Mad Libs, in the bathroom alone or drinking a Red stripe.

They say absense makes the heart grow fonder so when I return I'm thinking I'll have like 300 readers or so?

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Anonymous said...

reid calls beer "beard" too and always asks for one sip but he always sneaks 2! at the cape, in addition to beer, i discovered mikes hard lemonade pomegranate-grab a six back- it is good for when you don't want beer or wine. for some reason i don't like wine at the beach. watch out for mikes though- can't taste the alcohol but oh so refreshing!

Liz said...

Woo hoo! We'll be here when you get back...and have a blast!

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

Little things really make a vacation a break! I'm with oyu on the nail polish. I don't paint my 4 y/o nails, either, and feel like the only one (until now!)
Hog that bed, drink your beer and take your naps! Enjoy your break!

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