I wish I may, I wish I might

Hannah has a new little Lion that she has named Lilly. Lilly has "magic powers" and can make any wish come true if you stroke her mane. So this morning I asked Hannah what she's been wishing on Lilly. Since I have nothing interesting to talk about today, I have decided to let you all in on her wishes too...

- I wish I could stay up as late as you. I think all the fun happens after I go to sleep.
- I wish I was five.
- I wish I could see the tooth fairy. It's not fair that she doesn't let you see her.
- I wish I could stay with you every day. I'm already smart enough. I don't need to go to school anymore.
- I wish I could go on an airplane to see what everything looks like from the sky.
- I wish I could eat cream cheese and jelly on raisin bread for every meal (which she almost does).
- I wish I could wear my jeans with the heart pockets and rainbows every day.
- I wish I could have a bunk bed.
- I wish I could go to Her-waii.
- I wish summer was the only season. The only things I like about winter are that I can have hot chocolate every day, I can wear my feetie pajamas and there aren't as many bees.
- I wish Dracula was a girl because Dracula sounds like a girl's name. I also wish she wasn't supposed to be scary. I think she should be nice.
- I wish I could sleep in the front seat of the car. I promise I would hold on.
- I wish I was mommy already. I think I'm ready.
- I wish to always be taller than Luke. Even though he's a boy and boys are sometimes taller than girls.
- I wish I could sleep until 7:00. I'm just too excited to see you. And my tummy tells me it's hungry. And I don't want to miss A THING.

So there you have it. The wishes of a 4 year old. Strangely, many of them are the same from a 37 year old.


Headless Mom said...

Sounds like she has the FOMS...Fear of Missing Something! My kids have it too!

sarah said...

...because i miss you...because my tummy tells me it's hungry....because i don't want to miss anything.

these blips from our children's mouths are the best reason to write everything down.

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