The Nice Guy And The Interview

I know, I know, you are waiting on the edge of your seats, panting in anticipation! How Was The Reunion you're so patiently wondering! I'm sorry I didn't get to update my blog sooner but I've spent the past 48 hours trying to think of something entertaining, something edgy, something snarky, something that will captivate you like I know I usually do. And I'm coming up dry. You know why? Because my husband was far too well liked in high school. No one had ANY dirt to dish. No one came running up to him, finger wagging, berating him for how he treated them in high school. No nerdy little girls turned beauty queens that he had turned a cold shoulder on. No one-night-stands gone bad. No nothing. I'm telling you, if I heard one more person tell me what an "upstanding", "friendly", "funny", "welcoming", "sweet" guy I had, I would have thrown up in my mouth. Someone even told me that he was a "great listener" and "always remembered little details about them". Huh? MY husband, a good listener? I guess they weren't there last week when I asked him to get me a few munchkins at Dunkin Donuts and he came home empty handed.

I was pretty shocked when we got there and I found out that a "ban" had been put on bringing spouses. Seriously, I was one of 4 spouses there. And it quickly became apparent that I may have to struggle to find anyone interested in speaking with me. So I decided to wear a name tag baring the name, "Wife" to keep it simple for people who were trying to figure out who I was and how I had changed since high school. I decided on "Wife" instead of "Tim Shaw's wife" because this way I could keep it open as to whose wife I was. This was before I knew how highly everyone thought of Tim. Even so, I wasn't sure how I felt about being attached to "the nice guy" at the reunion. I kind of wished deep down that I was attached to "the rebel" or "the Theater Guy" or even better, "The nerd-turned-multimillionaire-magician". I didn't get the "Finger Tap to the forehead" that I had mentioned in my last post. I actually ejected myself from the post-party party and let Tim continue his shenanigans on his own.

All in all, it really was a great night. Honestly, I was proud to be a fly on the wall of this reunion and watch how much people really respected him and were genuinely interested in hearing about his life today. It got me that much more excited for MY reunion next fall... which the jury is still out on whether Tim will be joining me! I only hope my old friends have as many nice things to say about me (and I'm somehow doubting it!).

So with that craziness behind us... life is moving quickly forward. Tomorrow I have an interview. Yes, that's right, an interview. I will not mention for what company I am interviewing with because I've read YOUR blogs and I follow YOU on Twitter and many of you are MUCH more talented than me and the last thing I need is competition from YOU in getting this job. What I will say is that I'm interviewing for a consulting gig at a very cool company where I'd only need to go to the office a couple days and work some from home. My terms. My hours. I'll also say that it's a company that most moms of young kids knows, but my job would be to make sure that EVERY mom, grandma and friend of a mom knows about it. Needless to say, I'm a bit anxious about my day tomorrow. First of all, I have to be there by 8:00. I peeled my eyes open this morning at 7:15 which is when I'll need to be in the car tomorrow. I pulled my tush out of my pajamas this morning at 10:30. I don't think I had to formulate an intelligent sentence until at least 1:00 (or maybe not at all). It will be a big change of pace tomorrow. I have to bring my own lunch too. Yes, bring my own lunch. Wondering what kind of impression it will have if I bring it in Hannah's Cinderella lunch box since it's the only one I have here. I'm kind of curious why they can't provide me with lunch but figured that isn't a smart question to ask during the interview. Speaking of smart things to do during the interview, here are some things I'm thinking of doing just to see the reaction:

- Parking in the space at the office with the sign, "reserved for Owner of the company"

- Asking to use the restroom during the interview and ask if I they have a magazine I can borrow when I go.

- Repeatedly refer to them as their biggest competitor, "I can think of dozens of reasons why my being a part of the family here at (Biggest Competitor) would work so well..."
- Take a few pens, some paper and some packets of sugar from their kitchen.

- Ask how long the interview is going to be because, "I don't want to leave my kids home alone for TOO long."

- Keep smelling my arm pits and asking, "Is it me that smells?"

- Tell them I don't really like talking about my last positions because it brings up too many bad memories for me.

- Add "in bed" to everything they say about the company, "we're hoping for strong growth and better understanding of our consumers..." "IN BED! Hahahahahah!"

- When they ask me if I have any questions, ask how much time is ok to spend on Twitter and Facebook and whether I can download music to the computers at work.

Nah, I probably won't do any of these things because honestly, I think this would be a pretty cool gig to get. Sorry to keep you in suspense AGAIN but when I know whether it's a thumbs up or down, I'll fill you in!


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