Reminder to myself

Sometimes I have to remember the reason that I started this blog in the first place. To have a place to jot down the things that make me laugh, cry, light up, ache, and melt each day with my family. To remember. So I will never forget, because sheesh, these kids are growing up fast. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not a "writer". I ramble. I have poor grammar. I make up words. I sometimes try too hard to be funny. I am not going to be "impressing" anyone with my writing, so I just need to write and not think so much. Sometimes I have to forget that other people read this blog. It shouldn't matter. I am not looking for praise or critiques. I know my posts are usually too long. I know I "could've, should've..." but that's not why I'm here. I'm here so I don't forget. I'm here because I love going back and reading what happened last month/last week/yesterday. I need to remember that. Because when I start thinking about impressing anyone or stressing about being funny or having engaging, fascinating, stimulating, creative stuff to write about, or hoping to get more than 5 comments ... I come up blank. Because not every day something funny happens. Because not every day I am in the mood to share what made me cry. Because some days, I just feel like writing about the silly thing Hannah or Luke did so that I don't forget.

What an added bonus it's been to have met so many wonderful blogger peers that I can call my "friends". I didn't realize it was something I'd want to come from this. And it's a bit of an addiction and obsession for me. I'd like to continue to make friends here. I seek out new blogs constantly, reach out every day and what a thrill to have you guys reach back to me. I want you to keep coming back. I want you to continue to laugh with me and keep your advice coming. I don't want to disappoint. I don't want to bore. Which makes this all so complicated. I go back day after day to many different blogs, those that are hysterical, beautifully honest, amazingly written, totally relatable, etc. I'd like my blog to be a mush of all of these things. Hopefully the inconsistency won't turn anyone away (as a brand marketing person I know better than anyone that inconsistency could be the death of me). But hopefully it will be that inconsistency that will keep you interested. Because I love that you visit. And I love even more when you comment (really, it's weird what a boost it gives me!). So stick with me, k?

And with that, here's the I really don't want to forget this happened moment(s) of the weekend:

- Hannah had a soccer game on Saturday. It was also "picture day" (and sadly, I think Hannah enjoyed the picture part more than the soccer part) and it happened to be a very gusty day. There were tables of picture forms on the tables and at one point a big gust of wind blew a dozen or so papers up into the air and over the field toward the woods. One mom started chasing the papers into the woods and my normally careful-with-his-words husband shouted, "Oh NO! Alexis's mommy is blowing away into the woods!" Unbeknownst to Tim, Alexis was standing beside him when he shouted that her mom was being carried away with the wind and started hysterically crying "nooooo" and running after her mom. I think she was still crying 20 minutes later in her mom's arms. Classic.

- As Hannah started toward her first Halloween decorated door yesterday she turned to me and said, "mommy, why do we say, 'Trick or Treat'? Why can't I just say, "Can I have some candy now?". It was one of those, I-don't-have-an-answer-to-that-right-now moments.

- Luke said "Boo" to every pumpkin we saw trick-or-treating. And he said EEh, EEh, Oooh, Ooh, Ah, Ah to every animal costume whether it was a monkey, bear, chicken or elephant.

- Hannah learned every word to Katy Perry's "Opposites Song" as she calls it. It will make it's debut on YouTube soon.


Stacey said...

Lol. That's what my son calls Katy Perry's song as well. I think you've got the right attitude about blogging. I have found that a lot of the blogs that attracted me to them when they were just starting out, are now too showy and have lost the essence of what attracted me in the first place, now that they have a huge following.

Headless Mom said...

lol 'Alexis' mommy is blowing away' Instant classic, and I'm sorry that Alexis was upset, but that statement ROCKS.

Mommy Inbetween said...

This is a great post :-)

becca said...

Thank you Stacey. I hope everyone feels the way you do.
Headless Mom: I agree - it was a classic, hysterical situation to witness! We still crack up when we talk about it.
Mommy Inbetween - thank you!

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