Superficial Saturday

Superficial Saturday. One day a week. That's all. Just one day. I'm allowing myself this one day to do two things. 1) To be judgey. Because we're all a little judgey at times right? Even if it's just inside our heads, we do look at other people and giggle at something they are wearing or doing (right? It's not just me is it?) I used to be worse. But my mister-nice-guy husband has made me less obnoxious. So I keep comments to myself - for the most part. I'm sure there are some people out there laughing at me for something I'm wearing or rolling their eyes at the MESS inside my car or shaking their heads that I drive a big SUV even though it's terrible for the environment. And also on this Superficial Saturday, 2) I will allow myself to talk about the "things" I wish I had. Even if I don't need them. Even if I should feel lucky for all I DO have. There are still things that I see that I sit and stare at, keep pulling up on the computer, keep talking about that I'd like in my possession. Most of them are not practical. Most are too expensive. But if all was right in the world, they'd be mine.

1.I saw someone wearing this shirt. I would have taken a picture of him but he probably would have thought I was taking his picture because I thought he was so good looking. People who wear shirts like this need to find new friends who will tell them NOT to wear shirts like this.

2. Yesterday I saw a 60 year old woman wearing a short jeans skirt and Ugg boots. I wanted to tell her this was last years look (or two years ago?). I also wanted to tell her that even if it was the look of the moment, it was not the look of the moment for her age group. I am a huge believer that you can continue to be very stylish as you get older but you need to be stylish for your age. Not for your child's or grandchild's age.

3. Here are 6 very important words for you: Grandmas. Should. Not. Wear. Hair. Bows. I struggled to come up with an age that should be the cut off for hair bows. I first thought 13 but then wondered if some 14 year olds might still look cute? In any case, it's safe to say anyone of grandma age (sorry mom and Barbara) are too old. And by hair bow, I mean this:

I'm also not a big fan of little babies wearing enormous bows but I remember the feeling of desperately wishing Hannah had hair to attach a bow to so I'll let something like this pass:

4. Shopping cart seat covers for kids. Ok, I'm only putting this because moms with these make me feel like a terrible mother for NOT having one. I keep meaning to buy one but always forget and every time I put hannah or Luke in the seat without one I know I'm doing them a disservice and then I see "perfect mommy" strolling her child all protected and without grimy germs surrounding them and I feel annoyed. And judgey. Especially when Luke has his mouth on the handlebar as the other moms pass me by.
5. I am very judgey about people's choice of clothing and accessories at the gym. Are sunglasses necessary while working out inside? We live in Connecticut people, there are no paparazzi to be concerned about. And I WILL roll my eyes at you (and you'll see me doing this because I am NOT wearing sunglasses) if you're wearing a cowboy hat, loafers, jeans, work boots, or flip flops. And yes, I have seen all of these at my gym and I don't get it. And I wonder if they look at me in my workout clothes and think to themselves, "how passe of her to be wearing jogging shorts and a t-shirt. Boy what I could do with a fashion make-over for her!". But I don't think so.

6. I want these. They'd make me a better person. I think all my problems in the world would be solved with them. The holidays are approaching so feel free to send them my way. Or the money for them. Either way.

7. One of these are a priority for me:

But she doesn't need to be quite so sexy. Or French. Or even in this outfit. I just need her to clean my house. Daily. Because living in a nice, neat, tidy house is one of my dreams.

8. I could really use one of these in my world:

Note the flower petals floating on top of the water. Yeah, I need those too. And the rolled up towels and spritzer bottles... those are necessary. I think I'll have "made it" when I look outside my window and see that. Priorities people. This is one of them.

That's not all. My list definitely goes on but I need to save some for next Superficial Saturday. Stay tuned and if you have some things on your list... please share. So that I know I'm not alone in my aspirations and eye-rolling. I promise, I won't tell...


Kristen said...

So I am one of those mommies who has a shopping cart cover. But. I haven't washed it since I bought it about 18 months ago. So I look to the outside world like "perfect mommy" when actually my kid is stewing in a year and a half of stored-up supermarket germs. I bet there's at least a few moms like me in your local store. Hope that makes you feel better.

Enjoyed your post!

JaelCustomDesigns said...

Popping in from SITS!

#1 is funny
#2 is Hilarious
#3 Not a good look (Lol)
#4 Don't feel bad, I got one at my baby shower & it's in the closet. I haven't used it once. I guess if I moved it to the car, I would remember it but, it never happens! See, I hope I made you feel a little better. Lol!
#5 Ha! Ha! Ha! I used to live in Waterbury, CT
#6 We all need a cute pair of boots!
#7 Don't we all wish...
#8 I am in love with the pic! Next time I vacation, I'm lookimg for a hotel with that feature. June 10' Hurry Up and get here!

JaelCustomDesigns said...

I'm now following you!

You can find me at:

Carrie @ Who Knew? said...

Yeah! A day to be judgey. Apparently I'm super cool cos I'm judgey everyday. Just jokes.

Um, I can't think of anything right this second so I'll just agree with yours.

Headless Mom said...

Don't bother with the shopping cart cover. Just think of all of the immunity your kids will have by the time they get to school!

Mandi said...

I loved this post! Don't feel bad about the shopping cart cover. I have one for my daughter and she still manages to pull it up and chew on the one spot where it is not covered! Then as I walk by people look at her and laugh! Oh well. Love the boots and the spa! Those would definitely make any problem go away!
See you at SITS!!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness I am cracking up over this post. So let's see? In no particular order...
Maid, yes.
Boots, yes.
Sunglasses in the gym, I hear you. It's Connecticut people! Not LA.
Shopping cart cover - I used to have one. I used to use one. And then it just became another thing to remember to bring to the store...besides my wallet and the three kids.
OOH, bows in hair? No. All the way around. Just, um, NO!

Thanks for a very welcome LAUGH!

BigLittleWolf said...

Hi! Stopping by via Momalom... and I think you should be superficial TWO days a week. You're very funny! (Damn. Now I have to trash my hair bows. Well, they didn't go with the Louboutins I craved, so no biggie.)

Jen said...

Um, was that a jacuzzi? OMG. I am desperate for one of those. I would give up my BED. Seriously. :)

BlogBaby said...

Are you dissing hair bows?? Clearly you have not yet discovered the totally adorable and not even remotely tacky headbands I make. Clearly. ;)


P.S. Thanks for stopping by for my SITS feature day last week, I so appreciate it!

Sarah said...

This is very funny! I can especially relate to the shopping cart cover. I don't even own one! And my baby has her mouth on the handle of the shopping cart ALWAYS! I guess I'm a terrible mother.
Great blog! Looking forward to reading more.

Shana said...

If it helps make you feel better about the shopping cart, think of it this way: When you take the cover OFF and fold it up (or more realistically wad it up into a ball and stuff it somewhere) all those germs from the bottom of the seat cover are transferring all over the rest so unless you wash it each and every time you use it, it's essentially useless. It just makes us feel better. Or at least that's what I tell myself when I'm not using one because I'm cheap and vowing to boost my children's immune systems. Besides, if all the other mothers use them anyway then there are no germs on the carts for our children to get. How's that for justification? If you need more, let me know. I have a whole brain of them! :)

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