I heart lists. I love writing lists, reading lists, completing lists. Truly, there is nothing better than my pen crossing out a line on a list. This is why I often put really simple, almost done items on my list like "pee" or "get Luke out of his crib". I usually have more than one list going throughout the day because I have my "Things to do" list, "Things to buy" list and "Things I need to accomplish in the next year or so" list. I often can't find my lists which is really frustrating especially when I've done one of my list items and am walking around the house with pen in hand ready to cross it off. This is why "organize my house" is ALWAYS on at least one of my lists. I've tried writing my lists on my iPhone since there is a very handy Tasks application which makes it pretty easy, but there is something about putting pen to paper and crossing it out for real not just deleting the item electronically. Maybe the iPhone should put an applause sound effect every time something is completed so it's more rewarding. Or even better, a little arm could reach out from the phone and pat me on the back... ok, I'm reaching there.

Anyway, on this list thing... I just read the blog, Who Knew This Was the Hard Part (which is really cute by the way) and she made a list "30 before 30" about the 30 things she wants to accomplish before she turns 30. Oh how lucky she is to not even be 30 yet. I was still running quickly away from small children, let alone thinking of having them at 27 but here I am at 37 and wanting to accomplish most of her list before I turn 40. So, I'm doing my 40 before 40 and I promise to not put anything on my list that I've just about accomplished to keep it real.

1. Run a half marathon. No, I do not have ANY desire to run a full marathon. 13 miles is quite enough thank you very much.
2. Get my business idea off the ground. Which means actually manufactured and selling in stores. Can't say what it is, but it's something I'm passionate about and will make a big difference in many people's lives. Got you curious now don't I?
3. Get my consulting business going. And this means more than just getting business cards with the name of my company on it (which is done already). It might help if those cards actually got into some people's hands.
4. Bring my clothes and my kids clothes to a consignment shop. They are in the bins... just need to get them out of my house.
5. Organize my entire house. See, I told you this is always on a list... it's a disaster, I never know where anything is.
6. Throw out or donate all the old toys. If there's any hope for Luke to have any boy toys in the house, I need to get rid of all the baby girl toys.
7. Make a real budget and follow it. Too much of my money goes to impulsive purchases.
8. Have FAMILY dinners 2-3 times a week. How was it that I sat at the dinner table with my family every night for dinner growing up and I'm a short order cook at 3 different times a night for my family? Needs to stop...
9. Get back into Yoga. ooohhhhhmmmmm
10. Continue playing tennis... even if I'm not making the friends I hoped to with my new passion, it's still time for me that I cherish.
11. Take Hannah on a little vacation - just the 2 of us.
12. Teach Hannah to play tennis.
13. Get Luke on skis
14. See my Nana at least once a month
15. Continue to write this blog, even if I'm the only one reading it (totally lifted this one from the Who Knew blog... but it's a great one!)
16. Go out with girlfriends twice a month
17. Have my garden in front of my house one that people stop to look at
18. Always be reading a book (not always like all day long, but always like I have one I could pick up if I so desire)
19. Get into NYC once a month
20. Make 2 new friends (in real face to face life, not Twitter/blogosphere life)...
21. Go camping (with or without the kids and I mean IN A TENT!)
22. Hear Luke say Mommy... 14 months old I'm still "Ba Ba"
23. Take Hannah to a Broadway show (when she won't throw a tantrum for not being able to get on the stage with the actors like she did at the Wiggles concert)
24. Go to DisneyWorld. I hate Disney World but to see the looks on my kids faces there will make it worth it.
25. Get Hannah back on skis and Luke on skis
26. Teach Hannah to sleep past 6:00 in the morning - this is the most important item on my list
27. Knit something. And that means from beginning to end. So I can actually use it or give it to someone to use.
28. Find Luke some friends. I guess that means putting him in some sort of class where he gets the chance to make some friends. Poor guy MUST be tired of looking at my face all day.
29. Go out dancing at a club. I'm sure I can find the chance to do this ONE time in the next 3 years...
30. Figure out how to get Hannah to stop sucking her thumb. Before it shrivels up and falls off on its own.

ok, here is where I really wish I was turning 30... how am I going to think of 10 more???

31. Renovate my master bath so I don't get my fingers caught in the weird ass shower door every morning, can actually open of the drawers which are now so warped I don't even know what clothes are in one of them, don't cringe looking at the blue tiled walls and don't jab myself in the hip with the inappropriately placed knobs. It's a work in progress but hopefully it can get done!
32. Have a family ping pong match in the basement (when Luke can see over the table that is)
33. Go on a spa vacation with Tim (New Mexico? Arizona? somewhere HOT!)
34. See the world through Luke and Hannah's eyes more often. Luke was HYSTERICALLY laughing at a miniscule ant yesterday. It was just amazing to him... it would be nice to have such small things make me so happy too.
35. Put all of my photographs in albums and Hannah's artwork in books... goes along with the organization thing
36. Get a new refrigerator. I'd like one that doesn't leak water all over the place please.
37. Enjoy a rollercoaster ride with at least one of my kids. I might hate it while it's happening but I know I'll love it when it's over!
38. Shave my legs more often. I know it sounds pretty superficial and might not be THAT important, but I'm sure Tim would like it and I would too. Maybe I should add shower more often to this too.
39. Continue having weekly date nights with Tim. If I can shower more and shave more I'm sure it won't be that hard to convince him.
40. Do I have to make this one the best, most important one? Is it anticlimactic if I don't? The pressure... Know I'm a good friend, loving wife, happy mom and appreciative daughter. If not EVERY day, then most days. Sappy maybe, but true.

How many of you did I lose? Is anyone still reading? hello? hello? Not an easy feat but I did it! Now I'll print it and if I don't lose it in the midst of my clutter, I'll try to cross them off one. at. a. time.

Good luck to me!


Carrie @ Who Knew said...

Ok, I love you. I want to take you on a date and make lovey-dovey eyes at you while you awkwardly look elsewhere. Not only are you the first person to comment on my blog (other than my kind and loving sister) but you linked to it. THANK YOU!

After I read your comment I thought what if her blog is lame and I hate it. But I don't! I really like it! I read your posts and laughed! And thought oh me too! Oh she's just like me! I need to shower more too!

Again thank you. I will definitely be back.

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