Things that Get Left Behind

Besides misplacing my adored lists throughout my house making it difficult to cross items off, I also usually forget to bring my "to buy" lists with me when I set out to the store making it difficult to remember what in fact was on my list. Having just returned from the store without my list and forgetting to buy the three most important items on the list leads me to my list of the day:

Things I ALWAYS forget to buy at the store
- Dog Food. I have mentioned that poor Bella has fallen a few rungs on the ladder since Hannah and Luke were born and neglecting to buy her food is a sure sign of this. Luckily she is able to exist on the amount of scraps she sucks up from the floor under Luke's highchair (Hannah has dubbed her "vacuum dog"). She has also perfected the art of carrying one of the kid's toys around in her mouth until one of them starts crying and I get her a snack to get her to drop said toy. No, I am not able to just take the toy from her mouth and "Drop It!" are not two words she understands or responds to.

- Laundry Detergent. It usually takes three or four trips to the store to actually remember this one. Luckily I buy a tub 'o detergent that normally lasts a few months so it's only annoying a few times a year.

- Sponges. I like using nice, fresh sponges to do the dishes and with the amount of dishes I do each day, they don't seem to last so long. It's an item that's just not placed well in the store and I zoom right past them on most occasions. Maybe if the sponges were sold near the tomato sauce which is what causes most of the mess that the sponges clean up, I'd remember them.

- Hair Ties. I don't know what happens to my hair ties. I guess I take them out of my hair in random places and then they just get carried away by the hair tie fairies I guess. I never have enough of them and CANNOT stand when I don't have one handy. I'm sure they'll turn up one day with the Tupperwear lids and "other" socks.

- Parmesan cheese. It's not sold with the other cheeses so I just never remember to go down the appropriate aisle for it. And Hannah likes Parmesan cheese like most kids like sugar. She puts it on EVERYTHING. Seriously, if I tempt her with parmesan cheese, she'll pretty much try anything. Usually the ratio of the cheese to the food is 2 to 1. Anything to eat something green, right?

- All wraps and baggies. This would include tin foil, plastic wrap, sandwich baggies, garbage bags and freezer bags. I sent Hannah's sandwich to school one day wrapped in a paper towel. She came home that night explaining to me that the jelly leaks out of her sandwich and through the towel making it "disgusting". Bad mommy. Forgetting all of these things makes any sort of clean up difficult. I can't wrap any left overs to put in the fridge but I can't throw them away because I don't have the garbage bags. Again, if these items were placed in a more convenient aisle (like near the milk that I have to get EVERY time I go to the store), I would be more apt to remember them.

- Anything for ME to snack on during the day. Sure, we have plenty of crackers, fruit snacks, diced fruit, cheese sticks and princess shaped or named stuff but I always forget things that might actually sound appealing for me to eat in the middle of the day. This is why a spoonful(jarful) of peanut butter or a few (bag of) m&m's get me through the day.

So, I'm heading back out to the store when Luke wakes up and here's what's on my list. If someone could tweet me (lukahsmom) the list in a couple of hours that would be helpful.
- pizza dough
- tomato sauce
- whole milk
- diced peaches
- fresh peaches (snack for me)
- baby food
- sponges
- diapers
- garbage bags
- laundry detergent
- white bread
- chicken nuggets


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