Christmas Shmitsmas

Ok people. My holiday is now over so it's time to move on with the winter and remove yourselves from the stores. I have a vacation to get ready for and I do not need all of you crazed shoppers in my way as I buy my few vacation necessities. You're stealing my parking spots, you're taking my shopping carts, you're causing insane lines at the grocery stores and you're making returning my less than desirable gifts that I received for MY holiday, next to impossible. Even worse, because of the upcoming, somewhat of a big deal holiday, all of the stores are closed the day before I leave for vacation. This means far too much planning on my part. I don't pack three days ahead of time so I do not KNOW that I'll need more shampoo, warm socks, razors or hair ties until the day before I leave which just happens to be CHRISTMAS. I also do not enjoy cooking dinner the night before I leave for vacation because I like being waited on at a restaurant so I can relax after my bags are packed and I look forward to hitting the road in the morning. But this year, it's Christmas so my restaurants of choice will not be open to serve me. On top of that, I like to have playdates on the days that my kids are home from school but it just so happens that it's Christmas and none of my kids friends will be choosing having a playdate at my house over opening their gifts and celebrating with their families, which means I'm stuck at home, with nothing to do except be stuck at home. You would think that my kids have plenty to do at home with all of the gifts they received over the eight days of Chanukah but you see, Chanukah was finished just about a week ago and a week is plenty of time to become totally BORED of all of the new gifts. They are now OLD gifts and are not incentive enough to keep anyone excited about staying home without anywhere to go or anyone to play with.

I just returned home from the local Hallmark store empty handed. I had planned on running in quickly to buy a card for my grandmother who is turning 96 but forgot that Christmas is in 2 days and everyone and their mother (and 96 year old grandmothers) were in line buying last minute gifts and wrapping paper. The line was wrapped around the store (how ironic!) so my poor, very old grandmother is going to have to be satisfied with a homemade card this year. I also needed a camera battery for my camera that I will be taking on vacation so I ran into the camera store and ran just as quickly out because it seems as if cameras are a hot gift for Christmas this year. I certainly was not getting any attention from the camera salespeople with my $16 request when the guy in front of me was learning about the $2000 camera.

My biggest mistake today was requesting to get a prescription called into the Target pharmacy. I thought with Luke in tow it would be easiest with the indoor, massive parking lot but the 40 minute wait for my prescription had me second guessing that idea. I guess everyone else is also getting their anti-anxiety meds refilled before heading off with their families. I thought I was all smart by doing a little Target shopping while I waited for my script but when I was told that I couldn't pay for it at the pharmacy counter but instead would have to wait in ANOTHER line in the front of the store, I left my goodies right there on the pharmacy counter (including the Matchbox car that I planned on buying for Luke and opened while waiting in line). I didn't really need the new bathing suit for the indoor swimming pool at the resort anyway. I'm not even planning on getting into the indoor swimming pool but Target was sporting a rather chic collection of resort wear and I couldn't resist.

So you see, not EVERYONE is skipping through town singing "Little Drummer Boy" joyfully in their heads this time of year. Not that I'm Scrooge (I love this time of year too) but being Jewish in the days before Christmas can be a little frustrating. Everyone is wishing me a Merry Christmas and asking my kids what they've asked Santa for whether they've been good or naughty (boy do I wish I could use the Elf on the Shelf!) and we are smiling and thanking everyone and moving along with the flow. But inside, I'm ready for the chaos to die down in the stores and I'm ready for New Years Eve when we can celebrate with everyone else and enjoy all of the stores being closed on 1/1 so we can sleep off our hangovers with the rest of the world.

No really (I hope I didn't offend anyone... I didn't right?), Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating this important, special holiday. I hope you have memorable, wonderful days with your families and friends. Thank you for visiting my little part of this amazing blog world and I hope to see you in the New Year!



Corinne said...

Honestly, I was thinking about that today for some reason. It's like the world is put Christmas mode for a little while, and everyone is supposed to comply. We love to celebrate Christmas, but I've always thought it'd be a trying time for anyone who doesn't.

Have a truly wonderful vacation!

Anonymous said...

I have to say...I LOVE my Elf on the Shelf! I'm thinking of leaving him up year round!
Have a great trip...see you in the new year!
Sara (Monday Sara...share your snacks and toys Sara...)

TKW said...

I braved Target yesterday, too...FreakShow!!!!!!! Dear God, people were nutters in there.

Nicki said...

My g/f, also Jewish, opted to remain at work yesterday when someone had to volunteer so everyone else could leave early. She was bored to tears as the office did not receive very many calls.

Enjoy your trip! I did not go out to anywhere but the grocery store yesterday. I went there before 8 am and was home in no time. I am venturing out this evening - providing the weather will let me as the weather people are predicting a freezing ick storm - to go to the movies while the kids are with their dad and his g/f.

Safe travels!!!

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